11-Aug-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
Hey all I am looking for a loveseat hideabed. Not a full size couch one..please email me or text me. 5098661293.
11-Aug-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
Hey all I am looking for plastic 50 gallon drums with lids for a project. Thanks!! 5098661293
22-Jul-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a toybox for my granddaughter. I watch her during the week and have been using a milk crate but would really like something better. Colors don't matter, just needs to be functional. A short shelf with bins would work too. She's almost 2 and we are working on picking up our toys. I can pick up anywhee in the Spokane area. Thank you!
18-Jul-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
Looking for furniture I can update, upgrade or repurpose. Tables, dressers, bookshelves, desks, armoires, chests, chairs mirrors etc.
16-Jul-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
Working or not, but prefer working. I can pick up anywhere in greater Spokane and CDA areas. Thank you all in advance.
16-Jul-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
College student in desperate need of a laptop or desktop computer. I am very short on funds and have been doing all my homework assignments via cellphone or on public machines. Would love nothing more than to have a computer at home to save my work onto and help me spend more time with my loved ones. Any computer will do, I majors in IT so even working or not I am more than willing to fix it up.
16-Jul-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
Description: Looking for a aluminum small block ford intake manifold
I have a 1975 Sansui component stereo. back in the day you could get it with record player and cassette player. now its 2018. those components are missing. Im looking for components for it. please email me if you have any components for it. Thanks Paul. phone number is 509 288 0068. call or text is fine too.
14-Jul-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
wanted 2 8ohm speakers and 4ohm speakers. I need them for my stereo. please contact me if you have any. thanks, Paul.
9-Jul-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
Can pick up anywhere in greater Spokane and CDA areas. Thank you all in advance.
4-Jul-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
We have a new puppy that we are potty training and want to keep her in one room. Does anyone have a baby gate that we can have or lend us until she is trained? It needs to be at least 57" in length. Thank you.
4-Jul-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
Hi, we recently received some chickens and are trying to put together a better house and environment for them. We put a piece of plywood under a roost but quickly realized a linoleum base would be easier to clean up. Could also use chicken watering can that keeps water cleaner than open dish method. Any suggestions on insulating & securing chicken area would be appreciated too.. Basically, if y...
4-Jul-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
*Heating pad *Women's winter jacket (size: xxl) *Men's winter jacket (size xxl)for my son *Clothes iron *Countertop/portable dishwasher (my mom has heart issues and recently had the flu pretty bad, I need something to help disinfect dishes etc a lot better so we don't risk her going to hospital) Anything is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
24-Jun-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
Would really appreciate a MP3 player or other device where I can listen to music while out and about
11-Jun-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for any yarn that anyone can spare for making projects for hospitals and charities. I make items like blankets, hats,scarves, mittens and toys for children and adults who may need them and give them away. I am looking for donations to help with keeping those in need warm and safe. Thank you
10-Jun-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
Hi there. We need (2)white Country/Vintage/Farmhouse style armories - approx. 6' tall / 4' wide. (Could paint them if not white.) Thank you and blessings!
10-Jun-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
Hi. I'm looking for a White Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink in good condition. Thank you and blessings!
10-Jun-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
I posted previously for (2) White country/ vintage/farmhouse styled armories. We need 2 (1 for each Shabby Chic styled bedroom), but 1 in good condition would be great n' we don't mind painting. ;)
9-Jun-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
hello all, mine is dying, so i am looking for a replacement 13 inch box tv. does any one have a working one lying about? thank you!
31-May-2018Spokane, WA +13 milesItems Wanted
I've got a garden this year & I want to pickle a jar of various peppers & at least 1 other jar of carrots, green beans, cucumbers, & scallions. I can pick up anywhere in the greater Spokane area. Thank you all in advance.
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