Regardless of their condition or age, I need Old Desktop and Laptop PCs to use for a local educational effort.
Me and my family are looking for some common household items, we lost everything in our move and don't really have much of anything, we are currently looking for beds, couches, tables, dressers and more! I don't have a lot of money to give, but if your willing to work a deal, it would be amazing!
Will pick up
looking for a working upright freezer thank ou
I'm looking for a wire cooling rack for baking. I can travel anywhere in Spokane, the Valley or Liberty Lake to pick it up. Any other baking tools would be great as well. Thank you!
I m looking for a queen bed frame. Metal if possible. Just want to get a queen mattress off the floor.
unwanted yarn or yarn scraps to make blankets, hats, gloves, and scarves for homeless adults and children. Winter is coming along with cooler weather and they can use these items for warmth. Thank you
My son's current futon mattress has holes and also shredding his pj's. If you have an extra full size futon mattress or twin/full mattress & frame. Bug free. I would appreciate it. Not mobile. Thanks.
Looking for Shelving units, bookcases, armoires, Simple entertainment centers, China Cabinets, Curios, etc. Basically any type display case/shelving unit. Commercial shelves are ok too. Please and thank you very much. =)
Description: Looking for a aluminum small block ford intake manifold
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